4 months old baby

Question: My 116 days old baby got scratched by safety pin on foot, little blood has come, tomorrow he has vaccination is something to worry?

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Question: Baby 10months old got hurt with safety pin and little blood came what need to be done please suggest
Answer: hi dear don't worry the sometimes happen we must be very careful with babies you should not keep for this kind of sharp objects before them and please be careful from next time onwards and now you don't need to worry apply turmeric on that place which will arrest the bleeding and you don't need to worry dear this will get well so if baby feels any irritation you can apply oil tomorrow
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Question: 10 months old Baby got scratched and little bleed with safety pin wore to Saree what need to be done please suggest please
Answer: Hi dear,u should go to doctor n give ur baby vaccination ...if it is needed..
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Question: My 9 month old baby got hurt by safety pin in leg ....what shall i do?
Answer: Hi dear,go to doctor..may be she need a vaccination immediately...
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