12 months old baby

Question: My 11 months old son is getting dark day by day... Unable to understand how to maintain is color . I am using sabmaed product frm beginning

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Question: Hi My son is 7 years old i would like to how to reduce tan in kids day by day his skin is getting dark pls help.
Answer: Hi, Complexion is purely hereditary, any treatment can only control the production of melanin and lighten the skin by a few shades. 1 – Use kasturi turmeric as it will remove the facial hair, when hair falls the complexion will lighten. Use this with few drops of milk and always use a pinch of turmeric. 2- Chiksa powder will be available at any Unani store, you can apply that with few drops of lime. Please always do a patch test on the hands. 3- Many people swear by rubbing atta mixed with ghee on the skin of babies. I have not tried it as Im against using ghee and butter on kids, it blocks the pores. 4- Apply egg white on your kids face before bath. Let it dry for few mins before wash. 5- Apply sandal wood powder. Its better if you could buy a block and make a paste as store bought powders are mostly adulterated. 6- Milk cream is very efficient in controlling the melanin production. 7- Always use a sunscreen. 8- Do not use oily creams or lotions on babies. Always use a water based lotion like cetaphil or aquasoft. 9- Use almond oil for baby massage, it has skin lightening properties. 10-Many people have told me that using atogla lotion has improved their baby’s complexion, not sure but the lotion is safe.
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Question: my baby is 14 months old. hisskin is getting dark day by day what to do
Answer: massage the baby with coconut oil. and don't take the baby out in sublight after oil massage . bath the baby with malai (milk cream) and don't use any soap or wash just use raw milk to bath the baby.
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Question: my baby was fair wen she born as m using Himalaya product she is becoming dark day by day
Answer: Till 1yr, the baby’s true skin color will develop, which is entirely controlled by genes, and not something we can control at all.
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