3 months old baby

Question: Mujhe do din se cold ho gya h or meri baby ko b ..medicine b le rhi hu but sahi nahi hua ....kya kru

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Answer: higher baby ki medications ke liye doctor se consult kjiye Pata Hoga aap home remedies be try kar sakte hai baby ke bed ki side customer rakhi hai aap ajwain ko roast Kijiye aur usse clean cloth mein band kar uski potty banaiye aur usse baby ke chest press 1 hour. Mustard oil Se Baby ke chest back and feet by massage Kijiye just before sleeping is a baby ko congestion Mein Hogi
Answer: high above remedies try kar sakte hain Insaaf Kare nahi milegi aap stimulation Lijiye aap Ginger Honey paste one teaspoon twice a day dijiye aap ginger and Tulsi leaves twice a day Lijiye aapko ajwain ko roast karna chahiye aur usse clean cloth mein band kar usse Uske fumes ko inhale kijiye
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Question: mere ko 7 month start ho gya pr 2 month se meri khaasi thik nhi ho rhi medicine b le rhi hu tb b
Answer: These remedies will help u to get rid of cold and. But u should also inform ur doctor. 1 Apple cider vinegar Apple cider vinegar alkalizes the body and helps kill viruses. So during pregnancy, if you see first symptoms of cold and flu, make a mixture of 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a glass of warm water, gargle and then drink. It is perfectly safe to repeat hourly until all the symptoms disappear. 2 Garlic Garlic is a superstar when it comes to combating colds and flu. It is a powerhouse of antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic properties that are of great help in killing the harmful bacteria and viruses. 3 Coconut oil It is safe for pregnant women to use coconut oil, both topically and internally. You can use it as cooking oil, or choose to out a few spoons of coconut oil in a hot beverage. 4 Salt water No matter how simple this remedy sounds, it will soothe ur sore throat. choose to gargle your mouth with warm salt water several times a day. If you have a runny nose, use a dropper to drop salt water into two nostrils. It will thin the mucous and remove irritants effectively. 5 Chicken soup More than a feel-good soup, a bowl of chicken with several nutritious ingredients can help mommy-to-be get well faster. Easy to digest, rich in nutrients, vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties, this dish provides hydration and eases the symptoms of cold and flu very effectively. 6 Ginger Ginger is one time-tested remedy for colds and flu during pregnancy. You can make a glass of fresh ginger tea and add a tablespoon of honey and some fresh lemon to fight off the illness. 7 Onion Onion is one powerful cold and flu fighter. Mothers choose to chop up slices of onion and spread it around the bed to help clean the air. It is also very beneficial to add raw onion to your daily diet. 8 Sleep An evident yet important remedy for colds and flu is sleep. Especially when you are pregnant, you need more rest to let your body heal itself.
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Question: Mujhe cold ho gya h kya mai koi medicine le sakti hu
Answer: Natural remedies to some of your most bothersome symptoms include: Reduce congestion – Place a humidifier in your room, keep your head elevated on your pillow while resting, or use nasal strips. Alleviate your sore throat – Suck on ice chips, drink warm tea, or gargle with warm salt water. For any medicine please consult ur doctor.
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Question: Meri baby ko 3 din se fever h dr. Ko b dikhaya dwai se b nhi thik hua kya kru
Answer: Oh....aap hospital change karo...aur phir dr. Ko dikhao. Mere baby ka bhi fever theek nhi ho rha tha. Delhi k kalawati hospital main dikhaya blood test main kuch infection ayaa tha. Antibiotic di thi dr. ne ab baby theek hai.
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