18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mujhe bahut chakkar aa raha h...is this normal or anything serious

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Answer: Hello dear Feeling dizzy, faint, or light-headed during pregnancy is common. In most cases, these symptoms are part of the normal changes that occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy. The main cause of dizziness in pregnancy is due to the rising hormones that cause ur blood vessels to relax and widen. U should take care when u feel dizzy so as to avoid falling, and the best thing to do is to sit or lie down until the feeling has passed. 
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    Nitu Biswal267 days ago

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Question: Mujhe bahut chakkar aa rahe h aj kl.. is it normal??
Answer: Hi dear Ap khana thik se kha rahe hain na... Drink min 3.5lit water daily Eat fresh fruits daily 2 or 3 Pomegranate is a good source of iron You can have it. Eat plenty of vegetables.. If you are non vegeterian dn have full boiled egg daily Or If you are vegeterrian dn eat panner ,soyabean... Protinious food
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Question: Mujhe bht chakkar aa raha h ky ye normal h... Ky koi remedy h iske liye
Answer: Feeling faint is a normal symptom during pregnancy. you may experience it throughout your pregnancy.Here are some helpful suggestions to reduce dizziness: Avoid standing for long periods. If you must stand, make sure that you keep your feet moving to help increase circulationGet up slowly from either sitting or lying down (this is especially important when you are getting out of the bath)Eat regularly. Avoid long periods between meals; it is better to snack throughout the dayAvoid hot baths or showersAvoid lying on your back once you reach the middle of your second trimester Wear loose, comfortable clothing to avoid restricting circulation
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Question: mujhe last 1 hafte se chakkar aa rahe h..dr ko dikhaya unhone medicine dedi.lekin abhi b chakkr bahut aa rahe h..kahi kuch serious problm to nhi h..or iska baby pr to koi effect nhi padega
Answer: Hi,better aap apna apna hemoglobin levels check karvaiye.uski vajah se bhi gidiness ho sakti Hain Aapko every two hours Kuch khana Chahiye Aapko dates daily in the morning nlene chahiye Aap cocunut water daily lijiye Also have juices Don't strain more Take a nap during the day
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Question: Hello..my 5th month is going on....mujhe suddenly kal raat se bahut chakkar aa raha hai ...
Answer: Eat properly nd mostly prefer healthy foods and it is common during pregnancy take rest..
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