32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Muje sever burning pain hai... Vaginally ??? Kya karu?

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Answer: hi this indicate that you have urinary or vaginal infection you should try this you should watch tjat area frequency you should always be with buyback wiping in from front to back position you should wear only got a UG and you should apply coconut oil which will help me anything
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    kavita Chaudhary844 days ago

    U shd consult gynaecologist for this and drink lots of water

Answer: hi this could be because aapko vaginal infection ho rahi hai aapko yeah home remedies try Karni chahiye aapko Varia ekdum clean rakhni chahiye you should buy from front to back position aapko frequently were area wash Karni chahiye aap coconut oil Laga sakte hai Jinke Liye
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Question: muje 9 week preganancy hai nd muje kamar me bahut pain hai me kya karu
Answer: Hello Ye normal hai. Aap ka anxious hona bhi normal hai. The pain u experiencing is due to aap ke uterus. Jaise aap ka baby big hota hai vaise pressure on back abdomen aur vaginal muscle tho aap ko back pait vagina aur leg mai pain ho sakta hai. Aap soote wakth pillow back mai de aur cold ya hot press use kare. Warm shower bhi pain kam karne mai madad hogi gentle massages to help u feel relaxed with coconut or olive oil. Hope I helped
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Question: Sever pain and burning in my upper stomach.?any remedy
Answer: Hi dear. Stomach pain is normal during pregnancy. It is caused by the stretching of uterus to accomodate your baby's growth. Burning may caused beacuse of acidic food. Reduce acidic fruits and avoid fried and spicy foods. Also pregnancy hormone (progestrone) may cause acid reflux and upper abdomen burn. Massage the area to reduce the pain. If the oain is severe, ask your doctor for an antacid
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Question: Pesab me bahut jyada dard hota hai bahut hi jyada burning pain hai kya karan ho sakta hai ? Kya karu ???
Answer: hai iska matlab yeh hai ki aap ko urinary track infection ho rahi hai aapko Pani bahut jyada Pina chahiye aapko Dil Me Bhara glasses of water Pina chahiye aapko bahut Sare fluodz Lena chahiye aapko relief naa mile to aapko Dr SE.consilt Karna Chahiye.
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