20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mujai buht zukam aur khasi hai kya mei medicine lesakte hon

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Answer: Yes but prescribed by ur doc only
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Question: Mere baby ke poti mein balgm sa kuch hai zukam b hai doctr se medicine b le hai kya wo medicine lene balgm nikalta hai means zukam potii k zariye nikl rha hai ya koi aur waja hai
Answer: Don't worry dear it's normal 1months old baby don't need medicine when they suffer from cold,agrr baby poty krta h to khud cold khtm ho jata h,aap bss ajwain paani do bachhe ko 2-3spoon .it will work surely...ajwain paani k lye thoda ajawain paani me boil kriye aur jbb paani half se v kam ho jae then usko chaan kr de do...isse bachee ko gas ki v problem nhi hoti..mark it helpful if it is helpful for you 😀
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Question: Yar koi batao kya mei choclate kha sakti hon mera 21 week hai chll raha
Answer: Choclates are very much part of pregnancy cravings so if you feel like eating choclates just go and eat it..It is very ok much and safe to eat choclates during pregnancy. Choclates does contain antioxidants, magnesium and other elements which makes it a healthy option to eat. It also triggers the release of endorphins which makes you feel happy however we need to make sure that there is no overdose of chocolates. Choclates contains caffeine and sugar which is not good if taken in large quantity. also eating more choclates will make you less hungry for other healthy foods that is must for balanced diet. So make sure you take a very healthy diet...lots of fruits..take lot of liquid. It will help in ensuring a healthy pregnancy...
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Question: Mujai kch khaney ka mann nai karta hai aur nusea buht hota hai mei kya karon
Answer: Dear pregnancy Mai ye normal hai. So aap khana jarur khae. Aap choti choti quantity Mai frequent kuch na kuch khae. And jab bhi nausea feel ho toh aap lemon juice pea taa mouth Mai said Dale usse apko acha lagega. Water intake jyada rakhe and oily and spicy food avoid kare..
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