8 months old baby

Question: Mu baby eat cerelac of two times of the day morning and evening it's no problem Or one time per day

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Answer: You should give only once ...cerelac absorb water from body which can lead to hard stool
Answer: no problem feeding 2 times
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Question: Am 12 weeks ..can i travel by bus for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening for one day
Answer: Hii A journey by bus during pregnancy can be quite uncomfortable as it tends to be crowded, noisy and the trip itself can be extremely long and bumpy. Travelling during pregnancy is generally safe whether you are going by road, in a car or by bus. If you do not have any option other than travelling by bus, then it is better to make it safe and well-fixed as much as you can. Here is how to make your bus travel smooth.To get a comfortable sitting place, reach the bus station before time.It is safe to sit in the middle of a bus, not in the front or the back row.Pack light; carrying too much luggage can be a problem.Avoid travelling during peak hours as the buses can get crowded.  
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Question: Can I give cerelac wheat orange to my 7 months 28 days baby. She is having two times cerelac per day and breast milk. Is this enough
Answer: Hi Since baby is already 8 months you can start with family foods. If Ur introducing solid food for the first time, then start with rice.. intially give him twice a day, then if baby has no reaction then give him thrice a day.. Like that you can start other foods like idli dosa chila By this baby gets the feel of home cooked food.. Try giving carrot sticks cucumber pieces. Boiled apple. Make sure to give baby family food minus salt and sugar
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Question: My baby is having hiccups 2 times ( morning and evening ) a day is that a problem.
Answer: Hello dear, hiccups are common in infants... It means their stomach is expanding and the appetite is increasing...so its a good thing... Hiccups can be reduced by taking intervals while feeding and burping the baby...it can help release the excessive gas in baby's tummy... Hope this helps...
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