38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: More pressure in the back and legs what does it mean..

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Question: I feel pressure in my lower belly and vagina what does it mean?
Answer: Hi dear, if you are having pressure in lower abdomen & vagina then it indicates dropped down of your baby. If you are having pain at the time of walking then you should reduce your activity. Within three to four weeks you can expect your delivery. Hope it helps.
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Question: I feel like pressure in my lower belly and vagina? What does it mean
Answer: It means ur baby is heading downward. Might be baby has started engaging head. Nothing to worry it is common during this time. Might be very u r going to take it own creation in ur arm . All d best.😘👍
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Question: Swelling on legs Nd pain what does it mean
Answer: Feet pain or legs swelling can cured with a good massage. dip in hot water tub and mix mustard oil and salt in water. Keep feet elevated for 12_20 minutes by placing 1-2 pillows under it
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