Few days old baby

Question: Mjhy do din se stool pass ni hoa m.bht tng hun c sec hoa hy kya krun k stool easily pass ho jaey r zor b na lgana prry r stiches jldi recover ho jaen us k leye kya krun

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Answer: Eat papaya drink a lot of water.
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Question: Mera baby 2.5 years ka hy. Buht naughty hy kui baat nai sunta choty bhai ko b buht marta. kya krun marti b hun phr b mana nai hota tension ye hy k maar kha kha k dheet ho jana plz ussay handle krny ka kui tareeka btayen
Answer: We mother keeps on complaining about the baby's behavior as at times they become stubborn and stop listening to it. Here are some tips that you can rely on to curb their stubborn behavior. The list is big but so does the issue and its best to handle it now only then letting it linger for a long time.  Listen, Don’t Argue Communication is a two-way street. If you want your obstinate kid to listen to you, you have to be willing to listen to him first. Strong-willed children may have strong opinions and tend to argue. Connect With Them, Don’t Force Them When you force kids into something, they tend to rebel and do everything they should not. The term that best defines this behavior is counterwill, which is a common trait of stubborn children. Counterwill is instinctive and is not restricted to children alone. Connect with your children. Take that first step of connecting with your kid today – give them a hug! Give Them Options Kids have a mind of their own and don’t always like being told what to do.Give your kids options and not directives. Stay Calm Yelling at a defiant, screaming kid will turn an ordinary conversation between a parent and a child into a shouting match. Your child might take your response as an invitation to a verbal combat. This will only make things worse. It is up to you to steer the conversation to a practical conclusion as you are the adult. Help your child understand the need to do something or behave in a specific manner. Respect Them If you want your children to respect you and your decisions, you need to respect them. Your child will not accept authority if you force it onto him. Here are a few ways you can model respect in your relationship: Seek cooperation, don’t insist on adherence to directives. Have consistent rules for all your children and do not be lax just because you find it convenient. Empathize with them – never dismiss their feelings or ideas. Work With Them Stubborn or strong willed children are highly sensitive to how you treat them. So be watchful of the tone, body-language, and vocabulary you use. When they become uncomfortable with your behavior, they do what they know best to protect themselves: they rebel, talk back, and display aggression. Negotiate Sometimes, it is necessary to negotiate with your children. It is common for kids to act out when they aren’t getting what they want. If you want them to listen to you, you need to know what’s stopping them from doing so. Create A Congenial Environment At Home Children learn through observation and experience . If they see their parents arguing all the time, they will learn to imitate that. Reinforce Positive Behavior There will be times when you would not know what to do with stubborn children, to control their anger and aggressive behavior. But if you react without thought, you may develop a negative attitude towards the problem and even reinforce his negative behavior unwittingly.
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Question: Mjhy loose motion lg gaey hn r sath pait m b drd hy us k leye kya loon
Answer: Hi,aapko yeh home remedies try karni chahiye. Aaapko sabudana Lena chahiye Promegranate Apple Rice water Yoghurt is very imp.as it helps to create good bacteria which us imp for digestion. You should have ors so that your body is not dehydrated You should have bland food like Dal khichadi This should help
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Question: Mjhy back m b thorra thorra drd hota hy kharre honay se watery discharge b hota hy r pelvic area m b aisay pain hota hy jesy zakhm ho andar r legs m b pain hota hy kya krun koi problem to ni hy
Answer: It looks like labor pains.it shows.that aapki body labor ki preparation main Hain.so don't worry.yeh healthy sign hain.koi problems wali BAAT Nahi hain.legs pain ke liye aap oil massage mar saktey Hain and aap legs ko warm water main 20 mins tak soak kijiye,isse bhi aapko help hogi
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