5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Missed period for 1 week but blood came in white is this period?or am pregnant

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Answer: Hey dear, white blood is not possible 😳. I guess you are getting white discharge and getting white discharge after missed period indicates chances of pregnancy. So wait for 10 days after missed period and then take a pregnancy test to confirm. Waiting for the good news ,don't forget to shaew with us🙂.
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    Kowsi Pappu378 days ago

    Yes definitely will share u

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Question: In pregnancy time ...blood came in white ...is this safe?
Answer: If the bleeding was anything like brown to pink in colour then don't worry it's very normal in first trimester of pregnancy it could be implantation bleeding but to consult a doctor because sometime it can be because of some complication as well
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Question: My lower abdomen is swollen .my period blood also came in traces am i pregnant
Answer: Hi dear, You can only be pregnant if you have missed your period.if period blood was in traces and not as usual,then try home pregnancy test after a week .swollen abdomen at this stage need not be due to pregnancy.it could also be due to not sufficient flow this period cycle.
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Question: Hi guys. I am 6 weeks pregnant . I got bleeding past 1 week. But sac is good . Yesterday little blood clot came . Is this normal?
Answer: To say during pregnancy there should not be so much bleeding...it can be an issue also I will prefer you to consult your nearest docter about this issue
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