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Question: Mild pelvic fullness in foetal both kidneys.is it serious

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Answer: Hi dear if in your anomaly scan it has been detected that there is mild dilation of your of the baby's renal pelvic muscles or kidney then there is nothing to be worried about first of all it is comnon and it can happen due to Reflux or due to an extra uterer etc. and it gets cured in the pregnancy tenure itself but if sometime it doesn't care spontaneously then there are urological treatments post birth which are available.. Hope this helps!
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Question: mild fullness of bilateral renal pelvis in 35 week pregnancy means what?is any thing serious???
Answer: Mild dilatation is acceptable, Can be due to the obstruction in the flow of urine It resolve on its own over time. Only thing you need to do is repeat ultrasounds with measurement of APD of pelvis should be done to see whether it is increasing or decreasing to monitor this Baby will be monitored till 1 month after delivery via renal scan
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Question: Mild pelvic fullness in foetal both kidneys.is it curable
Answer: hi dear! mild pelviectasia normally causes no problem to the baby dear. just some follow up scans will be done to see the dilatation dear. in majority of the cases it improves by itself so dont worry dear. and you will have to keep a check on the amniotic fluid levels and also once the delivery is done , the baby will be examined for this again so see clearly if everything is fine inside. so dont worry . just keep doing your scans and we shall see in the scans if the pelviectasia has reduced or no. take care dear.
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Question: Is Mild pelvic fullness in foetal both kidneys related to hydronephrosis?is it serious problem for the baby?has any food precaution to take care?
Answer: Hi! Dilation of kidney or renal pelvis is pretty common finding in anomaly scans, generally its temporary and becomes normal hence its subjects to be monitored till full term, the reason can be below; Reflux-Where the urine goes back to kidney instead of coming to bladder Obstruction or blockage in urinary tract Extra ureter etc. Please dont worry much do as the Doctor say its a common issue in unborn.babies and if persists still bith , there are urological treatment to cure it. Hope this helps
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