22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mild pelvic fullness in foetal both kidneys.is it curable

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Answer: hi dear! mild pelviectasia normally causes no problem to the baby dear. just some follow up scans will be done to see the dilatation dear. in majority of the cases it improves by itself so dont worry dear. and you will have to keep a check on the amniotic fluid levels and also once the delivery is done , the baby will be examined for this again so see clearly if everything is fine inside. so dont worry . just keep doing your scans and we shall see in the scans if the pelviectasia has reduced or no. take care dear.
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Question: Hi ... I'm 6 weeks pregnant I have mild pain in right lower abdomen..is it normal?
Answer: mild pain and tenderness in lower abdomen which is going on and off is common in early weeks of pregnancy due to hormonal changes. if the feeling is continuous and short you need to inform your doctor , otherwise taking rest can be helpful to get relief.
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Question: I m feeling some pressure in my pelvic area while sitting..Is it normal?
Answer: It is due to your growing uterus. Fever not taking a necessary physical and mental stress then nothing to worry about. I hope your Placenta is also not low lying. Increase your feeling what are the feeling better inform these to ur doctor.
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Question: Hi I'm in 14th week of pregnancy ,I'm having a mild pelvic pain is it normal or any problem, please let me know
Answer: Hi dear, mild pelvic pain and vaginal pressure is common during pregnancy, as growing uterus puts pressure on the pelvis causes pain.so not to worry.it is normal.if it is continuous or severe please visit doctor once.take care
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