11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mild leucocytosis and mild absolutely neutrophilia is dangerous for pregnancy blood test plz suggest...

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Answer: hi dear! mild leukocytosis with mild neutrophilia is increase of white blood cells with increase of neutrophils . so this indicates there is infection in the body and we have to see what is the infection of and it can be detected only with the symptoms you might be facing . so do visit your doctor dear we need to sort this infection. if you have not done your liver function test then you might need to do it. take care dear.
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Question: in blood test report my Baby Having peeliya almost 12.7 is that dangerous n what should I do for him as treatment plz suggest
Answer: It’s estimated that 60% of full term and 80% of premature babies develop jaundice in the first week after birth. In most cases jaundice is harmless and disappears without treatment after a few weeks. Rest I m sure u must be consulting doctor. So kindly follow the instructions. Happy parenting
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Question: Is protein or albumin presence in urine test dangerous during pregnancy plz suggest
Answer: Hi dear! So proteinuria or albuminuria can be suggestive of pre eclampsia. You will have to check for your bp dear. And also visit your doctor in charge dear.dont worry there is no problem but we need to find out what is causing the proteinuria. Take care dear
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Question: Mild sub chorniac hemarage is dangerous or not? Is Travelling is dangerous for health?plez replyy
Answer: Take full bed rest. Do not travel. Take prescribed med too
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