32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mild Iugr, I am worried.

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Answer: Hello dear,as to hear that 😔...I just want your to be strong and be positive..I am sure everything would be fine..I have had a friend whose baby had growth issues..initial days baby used to be slow in acheiveing milestones ,but now baby is 5 years old and absolutely fine .hope that makes you feel better.
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Question: I found out that my baby is having Mild IUGR. I am scared.Has anyone delivered a baby with mild IUGR? Before?
Answer: Hi dear, IUGR means intrauterine growth restriction. In this condition,baby doesn't grow to normal weight.and most of the time the baby is underweight and needs to be delivered early due to the complications.it could happen due to placental abnormalities,high BP in mother etc.it cannot be cured but regularly monitoring baby through scans can deliver baby early and safe.,..,
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Question: I have been diagnosed with STAGE 1 mild IUGR. I am really worried for my baby . What should I do
Answer: Hi dear. Mild IUGR doesn't make long term problems. Babies with mild IUGR will usually catch up the height and weight before they are 2 years old
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Question: At 32 week ultrasound i have been detected mild IUGR & grade 3 placenta..i am worried about it pls help
Answer: Don't worry.. B relaxed n drink plenty of water & consult ur gyna
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