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Question: Message by v. lahoti: I m trying from 6 month ...but not able to conceive..? Gone through ovulation study sonography but everything was okey then why dere is delay in pregnancy ?

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Answer: Dear There can be various reasons for not getting pregnant : 1. Hormones imbalance 2. Stress 3. Smoking 4. Drinking 5. Unhealthy eating habit 6. Obesity 7. Thyroid 8. Not sleeping properly So, first of all, if u have any such habits or above symptoms then please control these habits and take proper treatment under doctor's supervision.
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Question: I m trying to conceive from last one year...but not able to... already have gone through many test but dint found much...can you please advice
Answer: Dear I will request you to share a bit of your history as you have taken treatment for an IVF or you have taken treatment of irregular periods or if you had some hormonal problem thyroid sugar for anything relevant please put in the details so I can help you accordingly because the reason of not getting pregnant are many and hence there are many different types of treatments available
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Question: I m trying from last 3 months but not able to conceive wat should i do
Answer: Check your ovulation days by using ovulation strips available in medical shops. Based on the ovulation days you can try. This would help you to get pregnant.
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Question: Hi, i am trying to conceive from last 9 to 9 months. But still no results. i have gone through follicle study and everything is normal but still i don't understand, wjy its not happening?
Answer: Hi, try to track the ovulation period. For this get the kit and know your ovulation period. Have sex regular or atleast on alternate days for better results.
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