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Question: Message by Samiksha Pandey: Hello I m samiksha I got married on 28th of April this year and on 30th I got my period. After that I got my period on 6th of June which was a miscarriage actually and I bleed till august. After that I got my period late by late date and last in December I got on 14th and in January on 20th an in the feb I think I had conceived but on 28th I got my period so due to this increasing date what should I do ...Can't I conceive ...? Plz reply me plz If I can so what will my fertile period plz response

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Answer: Hi After miscarriage there will be lil variation in periods.nothing to worry about it.u said u have conceived in do you know??is pregnancy test positive??if yes better consult a doctor.u can use ovulation tracker to find ur fertile period.on fertile period days u will have thick discharge and lower abdominal pain and increased sex for these signs and test with ovulation strip.if its bright spot calculate it from ur first day of ur period.good luck
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Question: I got a fever yesterday and m on my fertile period today is 14th day
Answer: Hello dear. If the fever is above 100 please consult doctor for medication. Do not worry if you feel. Okay there is no harm in having sex. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi i got my last period on 30th oct. And this November it should be on 30th November. Today is 6th November i did not got my period. So is that possible that I m pregnant?
Answer: Hi dear, its 6 November so wait till 30 November for your period to be missed and then only anything can be said. It's just 7 days after ur period.
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Question: Message by Sneha Praveen: Hiii maam my LMP is April 15 this month my period date is 22 may one week late any problem in this late period
Answer: Hi, after marriage periods maybe irregular. This is normal, nothing to worry.
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