3 months old baby

Question: Mere baby ka weight bahd nahii raha haii she iz 3month and 11 days what to do

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Answer: What is the weight of your baby right now. ?
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    Shokey Jan598 days ago


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Question: Mere baby ka weight 9 kg h abhi wo 10 months 16 days ki h so iz it normal weight?
Answer: Hello dear, Baby weight is good, don't worry. If your baby looks active, then don't think too much about weight. If weight was low during birth time, chances are he will gain his weight aacording to own capacity. think about it. You can Include these food items in baby diet to increase weight... Banana, Paneer, Oats, Ragi, Toor Dal, Potato  Dry fruits., Butter/Desi ghee  Try to give these item daily. Feed 6 times a day. 3 proper meal and 3 snacks. Always prepare  food in butter or ghee. Soon you ll see change in baby weight. Hope it helped, Take care ur little one...
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Question: my baby weight iz 4.60kg she iz 3month old
Answer: As long as baby is active nothing to worry Six full months only breast milk unless they feel hungry or doctor suggests Later start banana boiled carrot boiled potato Cereal It's better to give home made cereal as it does not have preservatives Dry fruits can be slowly started You take good food and supplements so they go to her in bm Give her good oil massage and bath It helps her relax well take feed sleep well Sleep activity and bm are the only things she has at this stage Leave her down so she plays increasing hunger Take care
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Question: My baby iz 3month 2days old and her weight is 5.250kg is it OK??
Answer: Hi dear,weight should be 5.500 ..so its little less in this case.. breastfeed excessively your baby.. the breast milk is everything a baby want ..so if you breastfeeding baby in a regular amount i.e.90-120 ml in a day in a 3-4 hours gap..then only she can regain her weight..
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