Few days old baby

Question: Mera c section huva ha mere baby 7 din ki ho gai h abhi tak dudh nhi piti breast s abhi tak serin s nikal ker spoon s pi late ha muje bhut tension ho rai h kyu karu m

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Answer: Hi dear, this is a very wrong practice. Dont do it, other wise your milk flow will decrease. Dont feed your baby untill she started sucking. when she will really hungry, she will start sucking. Do it for one day , it will helps. Giving you this suggestion from my personal experience.
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    Priyanka Sharma633 days ago

    Baby sucking kar nahi pa rahi ha uska mu choto ha or mera breast big h or nipple bhi nhi nikli meri kya karu m

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Question: Hi pls suggest me urgent meri beti aj 14 din ki ho gai h wo dudh bahut nikal rai h jab bhi piti h burp lene k bad bhi Pls suggest kya kru every time ese he krti h
Answer: Some baby spits up after every feeding, my 3 month daughter still does. But dont worry its a normal reflux. As she grows she ll stop throwing up eventually. After feeding burp the baby, and keep the baby in the standing position for atleast 15mins.
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Question: Kal mera c section hua. Meri baby ka treatment chal raha h. She needs my milk par muje abhi tak dudh nahi aya h. Please advice
Answer: Congratulations to both of you. Breast milk can be increased by including following in your diet such as fenugreek garlic leafy vegetables etc. Bread or chapathi with milk also gives flow instantly. Eat these before feed so flow increases well. Lactogen granules also help to increase flow. You can drink before feeding and you see difference. You can also drink daily twice morning and evening.Take care
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Question: Meri kal delivery ho gai hai via c section but abhi tak milk nahi aa raha kuch bhi kya karu
Answer: Hi.. somtimes it may take time for molk to come after c section.. may be due to anesthisia or pain killer try to feed baby as frequently as possible or use pump it will help. Take help of midwife or doctor to help baby feed ..
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