17 months old baby

Question: Mera baby travelling krte vomiting karta hai.main kahi ni ja skti use lekar.bahut problem hoti hai.abhi vo 1 year and 4 months ka hai.kya karu .plz help😔😔

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Answer: Hi dear... What do u feed the child while travel and what duration of the travel, and after how much time does your kid vomit, all that matter. Make sure you give him liquid foods while travel such as buttermilk, juice, rice water, coconut water etc and that too in small gulps from time to time ...when you do this, Ur baby is sure to enjoy the travel, without hunger or dehydration.... See if this helps dear. .
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Question: Mera beta 9 months ka hai.....potty nhi karta karta hai to bahot taklif hoti hai use bahut hard potty karta hai kya karu
Answer: Hi dear,aapke baby ko constipation ki problem.hain.aao yeh try kijiye Aap use warm water dijiye Aap papaya Banana. Figs Prunes and Dates dijiye Carrot juice and Veg soup ,spinach soup dijiye Usse baby ko constipation mein relief milegay Take care
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Question: mera beta 2 months 19 days ka hai.use gas problem hai.o do teen days potty nahi karta our jab karta hai tab potty ki smell acidic hoti hai.kya medicine de use
Answer: Hello dear... koi bhi medicine bina doctor ko pooch ke mat dijiye. Passing of gas is nothing to worry about, it is common in babies as their digestive system is not strong enough. If he is exclusively on breastfeeding, then don't worry, passing stool once in 10 days is also considered normal. If your baby is on formula, it's possible that something in his formula is making him constipated. It's not uncommon for the protein component in different formulas to cause constipation. Ask your baby's doctor about switching brands. Help him get some exercise. Try pumping his legs. While he's lying on his back, gently move his legs in a forward, circular motion as if he were pedaling a bicycle. Massage your baby's belly. Measure three finger-widths below her navel on the lower left side and apply gentle but firm pressure there with your fingertips. Press until you feel a firmness or mass. Maintain gentle but constant pressure for about three minutes
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Question: Mera baby 5 month 24 days ka hai,use main sirf breast milk deti hu.muze milk flow bahut jyada hai,milk nikalkar phekna padta hai.main bahot kamjor hoti ja rahi hu, weight loss ho raha hai,kya karu? Plz help.
Answer: Hi dear aap ka milk for bahut jyada hai isiliye milk production ke sath sath aap bhi kamzor hoti ja rahi ho. Aap ko apne aap ka bohut achhese kheyak rakhna padega. Aap apni life mei aap apni life mein jyada Se Jyada nutrutuous food lo to gain weight. Your diet should reach in whole grain cereals, rice ,roti, pulses, lentils legume, paneer chicken ,yogurt,cheese, full cream milk, dry fruits, vegetables and fruits. Drink plenty amount of water and take proper rest. Hope it help.
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