14 months old baby

Question: Mera baby left hand apne head per bar bar marta hai.what is the reason of this.i m worrid.pls tell something

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Answer: Kabhi kabhi bache kuch dekh lete hai aur fir khud pe apply karne lagte hai So dheere dheere adat badal jati hai Jab bhi aisa ho aap mind divert kar de ushka
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Question: Hello ,mera baby 13 month ka hai wo apne head ke right side bar bar hand marta hai kuch dino se.kya kru
Answer: For some kids its a part of activity...Ap ye notice kre ye hath marne k baad vo hasta h ya cranky , chidchida ho jata h...Aur agr ye continue rhe to doctor se 1 bar bat kr le...
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Question: I m in 38 week of pregnency.baby ka head down hai per cervix open nai howa na head fix howa hai.what shoul i do?
Answer: You have to do exercises like walking,,it will help for to fix the head
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Question: What is reason of baby head toward left side
Answer: Hi dear. If your baby is always tilting her head towards left side then your baby has tortillas. this can be easily daignosed by touching backside of neck, if muscles are tight there , this is tortilla. It happens because muscles which connects chestbone and collarbone are shortened and become tight. The best way to loosen these muscles is to encourage your baby movements towards both sides. You will have to take care of it by following few things, stand on right side and talk to baby, she will have to turn to right side then. While feeding your baby, place spoon in right side to make her turn right. Encourage her neck movements in all possible ways. Good luck
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Question: My baby head is warm every time whats the reason plz tell m worried
Answer: Hello dear, A normal body temperature for a healthy child is between 97 and 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit (36 to 38 degrees Celsius). If your child's temperature is above this range, he has a fever. baby body and head normally feels hot. It's nothing to be concerned. The most important thing is how baby looks and acts. If baby appears well and is taking fluids, and no other symptoms there's no need to worry.
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