8 months old baby

Question: Mera baby 8th month old hai. Usko teeth me bahut iching hoti hai lekin teeth nhi aa rahe to me kya karu?

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Answer: Try to helping out ur baby from dis. Give him pacifiers. It will soothens his gums. Keep everything around him clean. These days he put everything into his mouth. Due to dis mostly they fall sick.
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    Nehal Mehta Avashiya836 days ago

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Answer: Its common on baby ma buy a teething toy to baby and give it to ur baby this only the baby want now.. its reduce the itching
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    Nehal Mehta Avashiya829 days ago

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Question: Mera baby 6 month ka hai usko teeth aa rahe hai usko fever,motion,vomit ho rah hai plzz suggest any home remedies plzz
Answer: For fever give med as prescribed by the ped. Also sponge baby with lukewarm saltwater leaving chest, head n back Dry roast sagoo n make a fine powder. To one cup of  add 2 tsp of this powder n mix properly. Bring this to a boil n form a thin paste. Add 1tsp of cow ghee n salt to taste. Give this paste. This will stop loose motions Pressure Cook moong dal n make a thin paste by adding water. Bring it to a boil. Add 1tsp of cow ghee n salt to taste. Give this. This will eliminate stomach pain
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Question: My baby is 4&1/2 month old....use loose motion ho raha hai...kya teeth aa rahe hai use??6 month me aata hai na teeth??
Answer: It's not necessary that he is going to have teeth. He may or may not have teething process. Baby digestive system is still developing so loose motions or constipation is common. Just take care if your baby is putting things into his mouth that may give him infection and green colored loose motions. Also if iron has been started it can give rise to either constipation or loose motions.
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Question: meri baby 11 month old he lekin usko 1 bhi teeth nahi hai me Kya karu
Answer: its ok dear start calcium supplement and give calcium rich diet. ask your doctor to suggest one calcium supplement for the baby and include dairy products beans, tofu, broccoli in baby diet.
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