7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mera 6 y k daughter ko god par uthaya . is liya koi dikkat to nahi hoga,koi problem nahi hoga to

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Answer: Yes dear,. U can lift ur 6 kg baby. There is no harm but always hang ur baby on ur hips as it will not put pressure on ur stomach.
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Question: back pain k liye moov ya koi bam LGA skte h...baby ko koi dikkat to nahi hoga
Answer: Hello ma'am , Congratulation for your pregnancy. Pregnancy me back pain ka complain bahut hi common hai or iske liye aap home remedy apply kar Sakti hain Jisse ki aapko aaram milega . Pregnancy me back pain ke bahut se reason ho sakte hain . Reason :- 1) weight gain 2) posture changes 3) hormonal changes 4) muscle separation 5) stress 6) fatigue 7) muscular imbalances. 8) insufficiency of calcium . Treatment:- 1) swimming - swimming is a best treatment of back pain during pregnancy . 2) weight training for control weight. 3) walking and stretching. 4) practising good posture- sit straight, sit on chair that have supportive and use pillow at your back . 5) lifting properly - don't lift heavy object. 6) sleeping properly- sleep in correct posture. 7) including daily physical activity in your routine. 8) use hot water bottle. 9) exercise and yoga 10) take calcium . Thanku
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Question: mera bohat constipation ho raha he i am 10 week pregnant. ese mere baby ko koi dikkat to nahi hoga.
Answer: Dont worry..Eat a high-fibre diet that contains lots of wholegrain cereals, wholemeal bread and fruit and vegetables. This will provide you with roughage to aid your digestion. You should also drink at least 1.5 litres (2.6 pints) of water every day. Don’t rely on taking bran to avoid constipation, unless you also drink a lot more fluids. Without extra water, bran will bulk up your poo, making it hard and less able to pass along your intestines. Large amounts of bran may also interfere with your body’s ability to absorb certain nutrients from your food.  Staying active and exercising will help to prevent constipation. Walking, swimming or aquanatal classes, gentle cycling on an exercise bike, or pregnancy exercise classes can all help.  Practising yoga positions can keep constipation at bay, and Pilates is particularly helpful. These exercises tone your inner tummy muscles, which help to keep your bowels moving.  Cut out drinks that make you wee more often, such astea, coffee, and cola. These diuretics may dehydrate you and make your constipation worse.
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Question: Mera 27 week chal raha h mere baby cik marta h par 24 hour me sirf ak bar is koi dikkat to nahi hoga na
Answer: Hello dear, ek Baar kick 24 ghante me Sahi nhi h. Baby ko hat 2 ghante me 3-4 bar bar kick krna Chahiye. Aap doctor se check krwa lijiye. gas ke Karan movement slow feel ho sakti h. Agar ye acchanak hui to ho sakta h baby ko oxygen Kam mil rha h. Aap 1 glass cold water ya lemon water with sugar ke sath pijiye aur left side so jaiye. Agar 2 ghante me 2-3 times v movement feel na ho to quickly Doctor se consult kijiye. Hope it helped, Take care urself....
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