13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Medam nanna wife modalu segerian agiddale one male baby 17 minths adre iga namma wife 3months pregnant iddare enumadodu plz?

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Answer: Hello dear tumba cholu ayutu nimmage pregnancy du subhakanshagalu, enu illa cholo continue madri, mata cholo care toggiri.. cholo fruits, mata vegetables tumba healthy food togobeku, neeru cholo kudibeku, walking mata second trimester nalli exercises madidre cholo
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    maruti tigiri683 days ago

    Bahala olleyadatari nimminda

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Question: Hello em posting this again question again as I no one yet answered my question. Agar husband and wife ka blood group same ho toh baby ko koi problem hoga kya plz suggest main 7th month pregnant hu
Answer: The fact that most combinations of blood types do not cause any problems, and (2) there cannot be a problem if both parents have the same blood type, because even though the child does not necessarily express every antigen the parents have, it cannot express one that the parents don’t have and (3) in the developed world there are ways of dealing with any kind of blood type incompatibility, both through prevention and treatment. In simple, no problem. Stay happy. Hope it is helpful
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Question: My wife have not felt any movement since last 40 hrs, earlier the baby used to move in every short time. She is 17 weeks pregnant. plz advice.
Answer: Hello, Dear tell your wife to lie down on her left side and then feel baby's movement for 1 hour. Or when eating or drinking touch her belly and feel movement. . Hopefully she will get the movement. What happens is sometimes baby is lazy and don't move much which can get unnoticed this way you will get baby's movement.. But still there is no movement the go to doctor and get it checked on immediate basis.
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Question: My wife delivered a baby on 07/05/18. And last month i.e. on 17/05/18 she had her periods started and on 05/06/18 we had unsafe intercourse. Can she be pregnant again. We ha sex one day and only once . Still she didn't got periods. What may be reason plz help me out..?
Answer: Hi Well there many reason for period to be delayed stress and improper diet being mostly the reason but chances are that she might be pregnant The best way to know is get a home pregnancy kit and check with the first urine in the morning
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