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Question: Me periods has been come on 3rd of march in morning . When can i get intimate with my husband .. After how many days of periods we should get intimate

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Question: Please ans me in how many days we can check our pregnancy after periods ....means my periods was in sep 23 and i started intercource after 5th days of my periods so when should o check the pregnancy test
Answer: Hello dear. The best time to take a pregnancy test is after your period is late. This will help you avoid false negative results. It is recommended to wait for at least a week after the missed date of period. If your menstrual cycle is irregular, don't take a test until you’ve passed the longest menstrual cycle you usually have. For example, if your menstrual cycles range from 30 to 36 days, the best time to take a test would be day 37 or later. Because when implantation occurs, even if conception has occurred, the fertilized egg does not start producing hCG the hormone that pregnancy tests detect. After implantation, hCG levels start doubling roughly every 48 hours. Early pregnancy hCG levels and hCG doubling time vary from woman to woman. Early pregnancy symptoms are beast tenderness, mild cramps ( implantation cramps ), very light spotting ( implantation spotting ), fatigue, sensitivity to smells and slight morning nausea etc. Take care.
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Question: After how many days of miscarriage I can intimate with my hubby?
Answer: Sorry for your loss, I could understand how you feel as I experienced it before 6months. The answer is Atleast after 3 regular menstural cycles, so that the previously developed pregnancy hormones will settle down and your body will be prepared for the normal sex life. And last but most importantly only after u r physically and mentally ready for it. Hope this helps you. Best of luck.
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Question: Hello, me and my husband are getting intimate from last 9 days from the 5th day of my periods ended to conceive baby... I just wanna ask for how many more days should we get intimate to get positive results???
Answer: To get better results.. have intercourse every alternate day and then on they day before Ur ovulation on Ur ovulation day and on the next day after Ur ovulation
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