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Question: Me and my husband have same blood group is it ohk?

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Answer: Hi dear, There is no issue in having same blood child would have th same blood group too.
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Question: Hlo doctor . My blood group is A+ and. My husband is B+ . We both has same RH factor . Is it all right for my baby growth??? And what will the blood group of my my baby??
Answer: Yes dear, this blood group combination will not affect the baby at all. Your baby's blood group can not be predicted. It might be A, B, AB or O.
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Question: Me and my husband haf same blood group that is A negative any problems ?
Answer: No dear.... If your are Rh negative and your husband is Rh positive it can cause erythroblastosis fetalis....
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Question: Hi everyone if husband and wife have same blood group then is it harmful for baby?? anyone done combo test
Answer: No.. it's not harmful. Mine n my husband's blood group is same.
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