8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Maternity leaves eligibility please tell me?

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Answer: Hi dear nowadays non government sectors also give maternity leave for 6 months it's a paid leave and if your office have any special rule of specific rule it will be better for you to talk to your HR .. Hope this helps!
Answer: R u working in private sector or govt ?
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Question: Hi please tell me when should apply for maternity leave
Answer: Hllo search r 31 weeks pregnant dear if there s any complication then u should take leave from 8 or 9 months .otherwise u can take leave from near to ur due date .dear if u take maternity leave near to due date ur baby 'll be 6 months u 'll join the office .It's benifical dear try it
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Question: Can anyone tell how much maternity leaves the company is providing and is it full salary or just the basic?
Answer: Im on maternity getting full salary n 6months leave
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Question: Maternity benefit of rs 6000 ,eligibility
Answer: Hi, it would normally take 2 to 3 weeks for the strip to show positive. Because hcg count should increase in order to show positive result. That would normally take minimum of 10 days after a missed period. Please do not lose hope, try after 10 days. All the best
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