23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam now 23 weaks pregnant my weight is 64 its normal or over weight

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Answer: hello dear, you didn't mention your weight at the time of conceiving and you didnt mention your hight as well.so its difficult to calculate whether you are overweight or not. it is important to gain 10 to 12 kilos during pregnancy.
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    Ramya mathivanan599 days ago

    My pregnant conform that weak weight is 54

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Question: Mam now my weight is 64 is it normal weight to concieve.
Answer: Hi dear your weight depends on your height also so with 64 kgs it is a little hard to tell you that if it is a fine or not for that you need to seek an advice of ur Dr. who can help you with the information however starting your pregnancy with the healthy weight is important and is advisable.. Hoppe this helps!
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Question: My weight was 79 before pergerancy now iam 82 weight in 18 weaks it over weightta mam
Answer: Hi your weight is normal nothing to worry you are giving proper weight a woman during pregnancy can gain 1.5- 2 kgs of weight during every month
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Question: I am In 23 weaks pregnant, my baby having 1230gms weight, now i am 36 weaks pregnant, now my baby how much weight having.
Answer: Your doctor will ask you to do another scan now. In that you will find out the baby weight.
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