31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam my sugar level is Fasting blood sugar is 93 70-110 mg,/dl P,P blood sugar is. 78. 80-140. Mg/dl Is any risk to baby for this sugar level? Pls suggest me

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Answer: Fbs level shuld be less than 90 nthg to worry do brisk walk nd avoid sugar products
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Question: Hii.....Fasting blood sugar levels are 150mg/dl.Is this figure high??will it affect baby in anyway?i am consulting doctor and suggested me to take insulin injection.Please suggest how to control this sugar level naturally?
Answer: Yes dear your fasting sugar is high . It’s Normal range is lower than 90. Dear you Should not try nah naturally remedy . You Should taka Insulin . It will affect your baby growth. .
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Question: Why BP (140/80) level increases during first trimester of pregnancy.. How to overcome it.. Is it safe for baby. Please suggest..
Answer: It is not good sign, please don't have any pickles or salted food items... Try to control natural way
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Question: Hi mam, my fasting blood glucose level is 95 mg/dl is it normal?
Answer: Yes dear, it is normal.average fasting sugars should be between 70-110 during pregnancy.so not to worry.take care and all the best
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