29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam my cervical length is only 2.7.what should I do to stop preterm delivery? Is there any chance of normal delivery? Also my BP always remains low.

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Answer: hi dear! right now you will have to take bed rest dear as the cervical stitch cannot be done now .also if the cervical length goes low then there can be chances of perterm delivery but dont worry with steroid injections the baby will develop the lungs and if the baby is delivered before time like by 31 or more than that then the baby might be kept in nicu dear. but dont worry right now we just have to keep a check on the cervical length dear. take care.
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    Rajshree Rane834 days ago

    Ty mam

Answer: What your doctor advised Bec mine is 5.3 cm
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Question: I m 20 weeks pregnant & my cervical length is 37mm...is this length good or there is any problem... Last year I suffered from preterm delivery.. I m very tense.plz suggest me what to do?
Answer: Your cervical length is normal right now, abnormal range is below 3mm,extreme problematic is below 2.5,so u need not worry right now but since u have gone through preterm delivery once,u should take it easy, little work, no lifting or pulling or taking stairs. I too delivered preterm at 26 weeks last pregnancy,i was diagnosed with incompetent cervix and my 4th forth month ultrasound showed my cervix at 4.0 CM but it changes too fast with bedrest and I delivered at 26 weeks. This time despite cerclage and bedrest my cervix is measuring 2.3 at 20 weeks. So with some people cervical length changes really quick and for some people it remains stable and good despite short cervical lengths they deliver full term.
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Question: Hello mam. I am having unbearable vaginal pain while changing position during sleep. My cervical length is only 2.7.Is there any chance of normal delivery or I have to only go with c section?
Answer: Hello dear, situation seems you will go for c section. And if you want to plan your delivery then after 37 weeks you can plan your delivery any day. And if pain is unbearable, consult your gyno, she will check and guide you better.
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Question: Hi now i m 19 week pregnant..doctor has told me that my pleasenta is low ..n cervical length is 3. What should i do? How i should take care? Is it normal? What should be normal cervical length ?
Answer: hi dear! so you have a low lying placenta then you should avoid having intercourse and any high strain work. and normally there are chances of the placenta to move up as the pregnancy continues you will have to keep a watch on it through the scans . and the cervical length should not be less than 3 at this time as then you might need a cervical stitch dear. so you will have to keep a watch on it also dear. and you are borderline dear. just keep a watch and do visit your doctor . as in pregnancy the cervical length decreases later in the pregnancy so its better to get the stitch dear and its removed later on in the pregnancy by around 37 weeks. take care.
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