19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam mujhe gland problem and townsils and headche ho jate kya kru eske liye..

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Question: Mujhe milk bahut aata h or mere kapde bhi khrab ho jate h eske liye ky karu..koi plz batso
Answer: U have got many breast. Pads available u can buy online as well
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Question: headche k liye kya kare
Answer: Hello In ur first trimester of pregnancy u r experiencing a surge of harmones and increase in blood this is one of the main causes. The headache can get more bad and frequent due to stress lack of sleep no blood pressure dehydration and withdrawal of caffeine. You can avoid stress and tension by getting good rest having a good posture using a hot or cold compress. Exercise well eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated. Before taking any medication consult ur doctor. A
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Question: Baby ka color fair ho eske liye kya khana cheye
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear. Almonds, coconut, saffron milk,egg etc is considered to be good incase u want a fair baby. However according to experts, what you eat do not determine whether you will get a fair baby or not. The complexion of the foetus which is growing inside your womb will be a mixture of the father and mother.
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