33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam mera baby position ulti head is upand legs is down and amniotic fluid 7.2 hei kiya normal delivery ho skti h meri i m 32 week pregnant

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Answer: Head is descended down even after 36 weeks...uh need to wait till then
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Question: Mera baby head down position me h.. N estimate 6july aya h.. Kiya meri Normal delivery ho sakti h
Answer: Hii yes here is chances of normal delivery . U c@n follow below steps to get normal delivery. These 5 easy tips will set you on course towards a normal delivery and a positive birth experience. 1. Be informed A normal delivery is safer for the mother and the baby. Mothers who deliver normally have faster recovery and babies born vaginally have lower risks of diabetes, allergies and asthma in later life. On the other hand, a cesarean carries increased risks of bladder injuries, bowel injuries and serious complications in future pregnancies. 2. Choose your doctor wisely Pick a gynecologist and a hospital that have a reputation for normal deliveries. Search the internet for hospital cesarean rates. 3 .Watch your weight and exercise daily It’s important to not put on excessive weight during your pregnancy. ‘Eating for two’ is actually a myth! Typically you need only 200-300 calories extra per day. 4. Pick a birth partner Find a birth partner who can be with you throughout your time in the labour room. For many women this is their husband. Your birth partner should help you with labour exercises, massage your back, and provide emotional support and encouragement. 5. Trust yourself Women’s bodies are designed to give birth. Trust your instincts to guide you through your labour.
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Question: I'm 32 week pregnant but my baby is still not head down position .. what to do for head-down position ?
Answer: By 29-30 weeks we expect babies to be head down, or at least breech. Begin following techniques if baby is not head down by 30-31 weeks – * walking everyday fr half n hr helps • Use the Forward-leaning Inversion off the couch, for 30-45 seconds, 5-7 times in ONE day • The Breech Tilt for 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Do not sleep in bed this way. • Once or twice a day, do the Sidelying Release. Please take professional help or help of your partner to do these exercises. Watching videos of how to do these exercises might help.
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Question: Baby head down position m h. Dr k according normal delivery possible h n is week m kbi b ho skti h. Main kya kru nhi kya khau ki labour pain kam feel ho means normal delivery easy Ho jaye?
Answer: First thing is prenatal exercise.. Some suggestions like eating pineapple or apple vinegar worked for few moms.... Not sure if it would suitable for every one.. Alos dont loose hope.. I was about to go for surgery... But doctor motivated me and last few hours of up-down in stairs worked for me for normal.. Few days back...
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