28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam , in my scan report my umblical cord is 2 arteries and one vein is any problem in this if my baby will wrapp cord ...

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Answer: Hi dear, It is a normal situation.every cord would have two arteries and one vein.although some have single artery umbilical cord.whixh is maximum case comes out normal.in your situation it is absolutely fine.
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Question: aminiotic fluid id 8.3 cm. Is it ok . Nd cervix apperas normal 4.o cm.umbilical cord is two arteries and one vein. Wat all this plz explain
Answer: This all is a normal report. Do not worry. Amniotic fluid should not decrees to 6 now. Drink plenty of water more than 3 lt every day 2/gkasses of milk and 2/glases if coconut water daily. Amniotic fluid is very much important to be in level for a normal healthy pregnancy. Do not worry Rest all parameters are fine.
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Question: My doc said i have SUA single umbilical artery, in which the baby has only one vein and artery instead of one vein and two arteries. Is there still any hope to have a health baby with a natural delivery?!
Answer: Hi dear, I had the same thing during my pregnancy.for me I got to know post delivery,when they sent the umbilical cord for examination.i got scared too just like you,did lot of research etc.then got to know it is quite normal,and maximum cases it appears to be normal.i was asked to do a renal scan of baby,and I got that done too.it came normal and I was so releived by then.so please donot stress out ,I am sure it would be fine.my baby is 5years now and very much healthy.
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Question: My scan report,is one complete loop and one incomplete loop of cord is seen around the neck,,is it any problem?.
Answer: I hope not I have similar case in my first pregnancy but delivered my daughter normally. Sometimes with baby movements cord gets out around the neck.
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Question: In my anomaly scan, it detected one artery and one vein in umbilical cord. Is that will cause any risk to my baby??
Answer: Plz somebody answer??
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