7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam i have rubell igg 70. 3 Igm 0.15 Cmv igg 98.8 Cmv igm o. 47 6 week pregnant.. Any precautions? I has miscarriage in nov 18 with 2 months

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Question: Dr. Mam. I have undergone touch test and in that rubella igg=70.3 Rubella igm=0.15 Cmv igg=98.8 Cmv igm=0.67 Is it normal? I had miscarriage in nov18 with 2 month. Plz advice me so this tym it should not occur.
Answer: hi dear! so normally if you were vaccinated before or you have had and infection in the past then your igg will be more in the test so there is nothing to worry . the main thing is about the igm , your igm levels are low which is good. igm reflects the current infection if you have any . so if the levels are low it means there is no infection. so dont worry you are doing good dear. and you will have to know the reason for the miscarriage last time so as to know the cause and can be taken care of in this pregnancy dear. take care .
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Question: Hi Doctor, i had a miscarriage in the month of Nov 2018 and after various tests it was found that rubella igg was 235 and rubella igm was negative. So my doctor told to retest igg after 3 months. And after 3 months my igg is still 227. Can we plan for a baby?
Answer: Dear still igg is high so wait till the amount came to normal. Also consult with a doctor to control the level and after that consult with doctor before planning for pregnancy. Because with high rubella pregnancy will have alot of complications..
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Question: I have still not received reply to my question. Posting again. Someone pls reply. Hi I was 4 weeks pregnant and then had a miscarriage last month 17 april 2019 now my Dr. had asked me to go for torch test and below are the results. Dr has said to me that I have to do a 3 month course for this and if at all I conceive then I will have to abort the baby as baby will have some abnormalities. I need a 2nd opinion. Please help. My periods have also not returned after the miscarriage. toxoplasma igg - reactive 6.67 toxoplasma igm - non reactive 0.07 rubella igg - 7.63 rubella igm - non reactive 0.13 cmv igg - reactive 141.40 cmv igm - non reactive 0.13 hsv igg1&2- negative hsv igm 1&2 - negative.
Answer: Hi dear... I would suggest that you should go according to doctors opinion because certain things is not in our hands. After God it's the Dr who knows proper solution. But the Dr must be reliable n gd gynacaelogist. I wish that u get a cute baby soon in your lap..
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