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Question: Mam i got last periods on jan 30 but i lost my periods wt is the reason . I have no white discharge also and i done pregancy test but it is negative. Before 6months i had a irregular. But now regular periods. Any tel me answer

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Answer: Hi dear , it seems that you are suffering from hormonal imbalance problem I will suggest you to consult a gynecologist first and then plan for pregnancy .
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    Pandian Pandian840 days ago

    Thank u mam. There is no chance of pregnant ah mam

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Question: I had got my periods on 27 dec. Now this month no periods. But white discharge what is the reason plz any one reply me
Answer: Hi dear, If you have missed the periods on 27 th Jan then ,you might have check your pregnancy,I would advice you to wait for another week and using your first urine in the morning,check it then the pregnancy hormones might have risen enough to show positive result.i wish you all the very best!
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Question: i got my periods after delivery in july till now i had no periods i have done pregnancy test its negative what could be the reason
Answer: Hii this is absolutely common for breastfeeding mom. I got my period after 13 months of delivery. i consulted doctor and he also assure that it common. My baby used to have more of milk session ever after 6 months so I think this could be the reason of mine so late period.but this could be a concern if u r not feeding frequently and still u r not getting period. It could be due to ur low hb level. Then it calls for doctor appointment. Also do make sure to take precautions while having relationship with ur partner even if u r not having period. U can still gey pregnant. All the best. 
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Question: Mam, my lmp was on 22 jan still no periods nd i have symptons of pregancy but today i check a pregancy test but its negative, why it is negative
Answer: Hello dear, I hope you have missed period. Wait for another week and then took a test. The results of pregnancy test kit depends on increased level of HCG hormone. In some cases it tooks more time to elevate the level of hcg hormone than others. Don't disappoint by the results. If your period will not come in the coming week then again take a test or you can go for a Beta HCG test to confirm. All the best.
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