8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam from yesterday night ones I got brown bledding it's safe or dangerous

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Answer: hi this can be implantation bleeding which happens when fertilized egg implants itself into the lining of the uterus but to be on to save the file it is advised to consult a doctor
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Question: I'm 30days pregnant, now from yesterday i got little brown discharge.. Is it normal? Or this is dangerous? Please guide me
Answer: Hello dear If your cervix is irritated during pregnancy, it may cause some brownish-pink discharge. This can happen at any point during your pregnancy. It may be caused by sex, a cervical check by your doctor, or an infection.
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Question: Mam,yesterday i ate fried fish .mean while am diabetic,now i got some brown discharge.is it normal or serious
Answer: hi dear! so dear you will have to meet your doctor dear as the doctor will prescribe you some progesterone tablets like susten or duphaston. dont worry there is no issue but brown discharge can't be taken as normal. so with these progesterone tablets you will be fine. just visit your doctor dear. take care! i hope this information was helpful to you !
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Question: I am having bleeding from night with severe back pain... Bledding is in light brown in colours without clots
Answer: I had the same problem early on twice in my pregnancy, but nothing worrisome. Just take good rest, avoid stress, and stay positive. If it continues, visit a doctor to get rid off the worries.
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