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Question: Mam egg white discharge sticky discharge and little headache feeling vomiting sensation in d morning is due symptoms of pregnancy

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Answer: Hello! It looks like pregnancy symptoms. But please take the pregnancy test after 5-7 hours of the pregnancy to confirm if you are pregnant or not. Also egg like white discharge seems to be vaginal infection. Hence consult the doctor for this. Take care
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Question: Sticky discharge or clear white discharge after ovulation is this is a symptoms of pregnancy??
Answer: It occurs during and after ovulation due to the changes in the hormones. It is difficult to say at this time as it needs a confirmation through pregnancy test after 14 days of missed period.
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Question: I missed my period.... 3 days due..... N in my vagina i m feeling burning sensation n also little white discharge.... Is ths the sign of pregnancy....
Answer: Hi dear, as you missed your period then it could be a pregnancy but you have to wait for a week and then take a pregnancy test with very first morning urine to confirm whether you are pregnant or not. White discharge is also a sign of pregnancy but a burning sensation in vagina indicates either dehydration or some infection. If you are a pregnant and it's confirm with Kit then as soon as possible consult your doctor to check if you have any vaginal infection and take proper medication for that. Hope for the best , take care.
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Question: I'm feeling very sick in morning hours and whatever i have feeling vomiting sensation this is due to?
Answer: hi dear this is the common symptom of pregnancy this will continue to first 3 months so you don't need to worry drink more water to avoid getting this. eat more orange fruit you can also take Orange chocolate and Ginger Burfi to avoid getting the symptoms
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Question: Am feeling very tied and in aftertoon time I feel vomiting sensation and some headache sensation
Answer: Hi it do happens as during pregnancy ur body need a proper neutrition to have an active body. U feel low and vomit as it is happening due to harmonal disbalance. Have ginger tea in the morning . Don't have very heavy diet. Have small portion of food. Have fruits , dry fruits , juice or whatever u want to eat have it but don't over eat. And also don't avoid eating something otherwise u will feel weak.
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