13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam am 3months twins pregnant yestarday i consult my doctor she said bleeding (wastage) is under the baby...pls tel me its any problem pls reply me

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Answer: hi dear! so it means there is subchorionic hemorrhage dear. so we wil have to keep a check on the bleed through the scan dear. and its most common . also you might have some bleed that you can experience dear. so if at any time this happens do report it to your doctor dear. as with medicine it will be solved dear. and normally it will depend on the size dear. as if the size of the clot is more then there can be problem but if its small then there is no problem dear. take care.
Answer: Hello, if it was anything to worry about your doctor would have definitely said you as said she has not said anything I think there's nothing to get worried of. Their very first bowel movement is called meconium and is supposed to happen after they're first born but often they pass it during labor from stress and your or amniotic fluid is stained dark greenish-brown from it. I think you might be referring to that. Hope this helps.
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Question: Mam am completing 3months bt today morning hava bleeding pls tel me its normal
Answer: For few people its normal. Its based on ur health condition. Consult ur doctor immediatly.
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Question: Am 7week pragnant,, i have some eyes problem its effect my baby pls tel me mam
Answer: I don't worry it should not affect the baby however you should consult to the doctor it can be due to the number or if you have developed any infection or allergy in the eyes doctor would prescribe you with the drops which will help you
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Question: Im in 13th week now . Yesterday I got bleeding .its brown bleeding .is any problem .i consult doctor she said its not opened .also its not red bleeding .
Answer: Hi Some may get implantation bleeding that is spotting in pregnancy but please do intimate to gyanocologist and should be followed regularly without skipping medicines to avoid complications..take care
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