7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam, My body streches in sleep incliding stomach...is it safe. I cannot help it coz dis happens in sleep.

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Answer: Yes u can check on UPT by kits available. N test again tomorrow...if its still dark positive visit gynaecologist.
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    Sarita Tiwari964 days ago

    What does it mean if someone feel above symptoms..i also feel the same .I am 5 wk pregnant women..plz suggest

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Question: My 1month old baby streches her body alot.it wakes her from sleep also.what is the reason behind it??
Answer: Hi... stretching is very very normal in newborn babies ...twisting,stretching,giving different sounds are all normal in new borns... it's not waking up due to this... she does this when she wake up as this is a normal behavior of all newborn babies
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Question: Hi i m 30 weeks pregnant ...Whenever i get up from bed it becomes difficult for me to get up moreover my body streches so my stomach also streches n become tight ...would it affect my baby ..?
Answer: No it dosnt effect ur body. As ur baby change its position according to ur changing position. Whenever u feel tightness just caress ur stomach for 2-3 min n it will become normal
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Question: Is it safe in first trimester to sleep on stomach ?
Answer: Hi, dear it's not at all good to sleep on stomach during pregnancy because it put alot of pressure on stomach and can cause problems to the growing baby so don't take such risk.
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