7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam, M having chills...slight sorethroat and fever 98...can i have some hime remedy for same.

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Answer: higher this can be due to viral infection it is advisable to consult to the doctor in the me when you can also try home remedies you should do salt water gargling 2 to 3 times in a day you should take ginger and honey paste teaspoon twice a day you should warm the coconut oil and add A Pinch of salt sorry A Pinch of turmeric to it and massage with this on the throat this will also help to give you relieve you should take warm water throughout the day this will also help you
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    ADI Laghate606 days ago

    Thanku...dat is very helpful.

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Question: I have cough and slight fever. Have entered to 8 month of pregnancy. What remedy can be done
Answer: Hello, Cold , cough and fever are very easy infection and during pregnancy your immunity gets weak which makes you catch these infection easily. Here are few remedies that can help cure cough; Chop the garlic, mix in some honey and have it. It is recommended to have this at least two to three times a day. 2.Gargling with warm water helps to reduce cough. 3. Ginger reduces phlegm and also reduces inflammation. Have it in the form of ginger tea. Bring 2 glasses of water to a boil, add two spoons of grated ginger and steep for 15 minutes. Once it cools down a bit add some honey and drink.
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Question: Having slight fever and running noise and little body ache.what gome remedy should be taken. Can i take one paracetamol?
Answer: Hi dear plz dont take any medicine without doctor suggestion. For these u can have kadha made of tulsi ginger and honey. Also make sure to sponge urself if fever. For bodyache u can have bath with warm water. U can also take steam to reliving runny noise irritation.
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Question: My baby is having slight fever, can anyone suggest home remedies for slight fever?
Answer: Hi dear,BM us the best remedy And you should have good water intake so that it helps the baby t flesh out the fever
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