6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam, Is there any relation between hcg level and heart beat rate of baby. Having higher hcg levels means baby should have good heart beat rate?

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Answer: Hcg is a hormone secreted from placenta.If its high it means u r pregnant.It has nothing to do with heart rate.And the value should double every 48 hrs in normal intrauterine pregnancy.
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Question: Is there any relation between fetal heart rate and gender
Answer: Hi dear, Unfortunately there are no physical symptoms that could predict gender of your baby.though are plenty myths around regarding baby gender,but they are not true and have no scientific evidence.so the only way is through ultrasound scan in second trimester,that could reveal the gender of your baby.and if you are in India,then it is illegal to determine gender of unborn baby.i know as a parent we could be very curious about the baby in womb,but trust me a healthy baby is all we want.so just pray baby is healthy and have no complications.wish you all the best!
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Question: Is there any relation between gender and heart rate?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy there is absolutely no relation between changes and heart rate many people believe it but it's completely myth all the best
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Question: Is there any relation between heart rate and sex of baby??
Answer: No its just a myth... There is no way to oredict gender... Onky ultrasaouund can preduct but it is illegal in india... So hust hope for healtgy baby...
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