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Question: Mam After Miscarriage Wonldnt Stop My Bleeding So My Gynae Suggested Me To Took Ovral l Tablets After Ate That Tablet...iF My Periods Once Stopped Will Take The Ovral Tablet Continuously????

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Question: I m at 7th week now and bleeded.and stopped after two days,my doc suggested to start clexane injection once bleeding stops.this morning I took that and started bleeding so worried please suggest what to do
Answer: Hi Dear May be its like the earlier bleeding only and you hv just started so it might take some time to work as this injection prevents blood clots but i would suggest to pls check with the Dr. if you dont experience any change or it worsens.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I took duoluton l pills to postpone periods for five days continuously...... After stopping the pill when should i get my periods again .....
Answer: Hi dear this kind of medicines actually mess up your period cycle so you never know when you are going to bleed next it can be much early from your next period date and it can delay as well .. Hope this helps!
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Question: I had an E & C done on 6th July. My bleeding has not yet stopped. How many days will it take for the bleeding to stop completely?
Answer: It is perfectly normal to have some bleeding after a D&C. It may differ from your usual menstrual bleeding. ... Remember, spotting is normal and can last up to 4 weeks after the D&C. After a D&C, it is not unusual to pass a few clots that are the size of a quarter.
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