7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Madam please tell me that is using the mobile phone creates bad effect on pregnancy?

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Answer: Dear mobiles do have some radiation which are not good during pregnancy but intidays life we can stop using mobile completely so its better if we use it only when need..
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Question: Using mobile phone in pregnancy is good or bad habit?
Answer: Hi dear, We all know how such gadgets have harmful radiations eminating.it affects any one.once you are pregnant,the radiations could even harm your unborn baby. Well, moderation usage of mobile is fine,but do take certain precautions,such as,never sleep with your mobile phone,never talk in your mobile while charging.also when the battery is too low,donot use it then as maximum radiation emits that time.never keep your phone in your pant pockets,as that is too close to your growing baby. During lightining,do not use your phone.
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Question: Using mobile phone will effect the baby?
Answer: Hello dear. Mobiles, like many other everyday items, emit low levels of radio waves and it is said babies exposed to mobile phones in the uterus (womb) and behavioural problems, such as hyperactivity, during childhood. You can use in moderation. Take care.
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Question: Is using mobile phone after pregnancy bad for eyes??
Answer: The delivery process is very strenuous one dear..so post delivery it is always best to take complete rest for a few weeks...so using mobile phone can exert your eyes dear.. hence it is best to avoid using it..
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