13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Madam am two and half month pregent .Today i have slightly bleeding​ .Is there any problem ?

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Answer: Slightly bleeding or spotting is common during early stage of pregnancy. Although itis normal you should consult the doctor. And it is good to undergo some tests to avoid to rule out any complications.
Answer: Mam bleeding isnot gud sign go for doc.. for uu checkup..
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Question: I am 6 month pregnant and in urine slightly bleeding is there is there any problem with these
Answer: Spotting during pregnancy is absolutely common and there's no need to be worried...but if you find burning sensation while urinating along with the bleeding then please consult with your gynecologist as it could be due to urinary tract infection..
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Question: After 1 & half month of delivery, today I have periods, is there any problem?
Answer: No dear... there's no problem... Periods Post delivery can come within a few months or it can come after a year of delivery...it basically depends on your body and your hormones..so don't worry dear.. there's no need to be worried...
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Question: Hello today I got little bleeding. I'm 2 and half month pregnant. Is there any prblm
Answer: Hi. Although spotting is normal in 1st timester but if more than spotting and like fresg blood you will need to visit your doctor.
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