1 months old baby

Question: Ma baby spits out some milk during burping ..is tat ok

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Answer: Hi, Its normal to spit extra feed after burping.spit ups indicate that your baby is well fed,any extra or over feed will not be accepted and spit out.Burping is more important for a new born baby.with each burp they will be removing extra air filled in their tracts.making it easier for digestion.
Answer: I can see some dead skin coming out of her head the place it's not solid of upper part of head, along with it hair fall is is also happening alot. Not sure if it's normal as she is still with birth hair. Please let us know some thing!
Answer: Its totally normal
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Question: After breast feed while burping my baby sometime spits up curdled milk sometimes spits milk.. Is it normal
Answer: Yes normal for new born babies. This is because the babies saliva and milk gets mixed together so while burping the baby throws up the excess milk which will look like curdled.
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Question: My baby split out the milk even after burping. Why. it is ok or not
Answer: If the milk vomited is in form of curd its ok. But if it is in form of milk... So consult to doctor And massage your baby on his navel, anticlockwise... And gently
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Question: Baby spits out milk like curd even after burping ..alot ..
Answer: Give her colicaid medicine ...or apply hing mixed in water on baby stomach
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