4 months old baby

Question: Ma baby feed only left side so m not have too much more milk in right side

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Answer: Hi dear, What could be the reason for baby feeding only left side? As it could be a serious thing,which needs to be examined. Some babies prefer to feed from one breast due to muscle damage in one shoulder during birth.babiea should be fed from both the breasts to get better nutrition and sufficient milk.
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Question: I have 2months old boy baby. If i feed on ma right side breast, he will not have. Only left side he will have. Pls suggest me what shall i do to feed on right side.
Answer: Hello, Dear sometimes baby don't feed if there is excessive flow or less flow from the breast. So just check if flow is high or low. If the flow is high then express some milk and then offer the breast to baby . If flow is less the do some hot compress on the breast before feeding baby.
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Question: my right side breast have more milk and less milk in left side breast my baby drink more on left side only when I give him he started to cry wt to do for that
Answer: This is not a problem...Sometimes babies will refuse or fuss at a breast when the let-down is slower or too forceful, or the supply a bit lower. They in turn will prefer the side which lets down more/less quickly and in which the supply is more bountiful.since right side milk is more due to force and supply he can't drink milk properly so refusing... Milk supply of left will also increase as baby is sucking that side more... So leave it.... the baby is satisfied with left side toh don't force him...let it be like that...
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Question: I am getting milk in left side only, not getting milk on right side what to do?
Answer: take lactare tablets for 20 days .... feed ur baby on rite side ..
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