4 months old baby

Question: Ma baby 4month start he s not at all latching ,he s on bf if I compel also he start to cry turn his head, with m compulsions he drinks for 5mins Oly, then he leaves , so wat I do is am pumping milk to fill his stomach pls give me some suggestions how to overcome it?wen he wil drink properly??

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Question: My baby is 2mths and 15days his weight is 5kg. Is it normal or less weight?He doesnot drink milk to fill his stomach. He drinks only little and then sleeps for 5mins.Is that ok or should I give him formula milk. Before he didnt have constipation now adays it has bevome difficult and pass motion after two days.
Answer: It's ok. Babies kabhi kabhi thoda say hi pi patey Hain chhota peit hai na. Aap bas usko har 2 ghantey zaroor feed karao aur jab bhi Susu potty Kar de uske bad bhi zaroor pilao. Doctor see bhi consult Kar lijiye. Agar aapka doodh sahi at hai toh formula ki koi need nai.
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Question: Hai everyone... My son s 13mon old. Nw his teeth s little bit comin out. And he s nt ready to eat anything and drink anything. I dnt knw hw to give the food. If his stomach s full oly he s sleepin bt he s nt eating. He s havin oly cow milk and my milk. Wat can i do to make him eat... Help me pls
Answer: Hi dear , see little buddies are very moody and moreoveryour baby is on teething and it is a very painful process for baby.. You have to care for his mood. Make food more colorful and design rich. It mean you have to decorate his/her plate before giving him.Want him/her eat more?--Give him a big plate and put more stuff in it instead of small plate and small quantity of food in it so kids will eat less. Compare--Sit along your children and tell him that his/her friend living in front of our house drinks milk very much and he should also drink milk. Prepare environment of comparison. It will help a lot.
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Question: My baby is 113 days old. always he lye on his left side n also sucking left tumb bcoz of tumb suck ing he s drink milk properly wat to do plz help
Answer: I think he is trying roll.. so lying on side is ok.. bt try to avoid finger sucking.. even my son as sake prob.. some one plz suggest some idea
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