19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Ma'am plzz tell me what is placenta fundo anterior low lying I'm in my 5th month of pregnancy n it was detected in 17 weeks is it something serious..??

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Answer: Hlo dear,nothing to worry,as the uterus expands it will move upwards,take rest and be positive,in ur 5th mnth scan it will be fine..al d best..
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    inakunal arora732 days ago

    Thnku soo much ma'am should I take complete bed rest

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    Rani A732 days ago

    If u r not having any other medical complications no need of complete bed rest,dnt take more stress,but rest is required..

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Question: 12weeks pregnancy, low lying placenta, grade 1maturity, fundo anterior.. What is the problem during my pregnancy
Answer: Just that placenta is low lying u need to take full bed rest. Do not bend, light objects or climb stairs.As some weeks pass it will move up. Rest all is fine
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Question: What is menan by the placenta is along fundo anterior wall,not low lying?
Answer: Hi dear, Fundal placenta is nothing but th position of placenta in uterus.when the placenta is attached at the top of the uterus wall it is called fundal placenta.if it attaches in front ,it's called anterior fundal,if it attaches at back,it's called posterity fundal.posterior fundal is the best position,as the baby movements can be felt better and it won't block the birth canal. Anterior placenta is though not a matter of concern at this stage.you need to check end of second trimester.usually anterior placenta could provide more cushioning to your baby and makes wall between your belly and baby,so you might feel your baby move less.notbto worry,as your placenta would provide same amount of nutrition to your baby as any other placenta. The risk in future could be the direction of placental growth up or down .if it starts growing downward,there are chances that it blocks the birth canal and you might start bleeding.resulting into emergency c-section. usually by end of third trimester,placenta pushes upwards.not to worry
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Question: What is anterior low lying placenta is it something to worry
Answer: An implantation can happen in anywhere in uterus anterior is nothing but front part of uterus where the implantation is happened that is belly side the low lying placenta is downwards so ur having implantation in front part near by cervix u may feel baby moment less since placenta is in front part nothing to worry but u may bleed sometimes than consult obg/gn don't google all that is in net is not true enjoy ur pregnancy
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