21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M suffering from piles..and it is paining like hell..please suggest suitable measure

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Answer: Eat vegitables daily.. and drink more water.. avoide non veg. And drink original cow milk if available.. otherwise drink milk daily oneglss.. it will give u relief ...
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Question: I am 14 weeks pregnant.. And is suffering from vaginal infection.. It is itching and moreover it is paining like hell
Answer: Don't worry dear...Apply coconut oil to the affected area.Apply tea tree oil.Add a half cup of apple cider vinegar to a lukewarm bathtub and soak for 20 minutes and Add more garlic to ur diet.. It will surely help u.
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Question: I m suffering from piles and i m unable sit or stand up please suggest me a pain relief medicine
Answer: Hi Here are some remedies..Apply coconut oil..It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which can reduce itching. It also reduces inflammation and helps in healing of piles. Applying aloe vera either as a ready-to-use gel or directly from the plant helps in reducing the burning sensation. If you are using a gel, ensure that it does not contain added fragrances and chemical.Take a small amount of turmeric along with mustard oil. Add onion juice to it and make a paste out of it. Apply to the affected area.Boil 100 gm of castor oil on high flame for few minutes. Put 1 camphor into it. Allow the mixture to cool completely. Store this mixture in an airtight container. Clean your piles with clean cloth first and massage it with this oil twice a day. Massage it until the piles absorb this oil. This will give immediate relief from burning sensation and make the soft lumps of piles go dry.
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Question: I m suffering from fever, after taking crocin my fever is 100'C. My back is paining like hell? Kya krru mei
Answer: Hello dear. Fevers during pregnancy are never normal, so an exam is always recommended. If fever is caused by a viral illness mild medication would do. If it's caused by bacterial, an antibiotic is often needed. Please consult your gynecologist for checking on this. During pregnancy, your body makes a hormone called relaxin that allows ligaments in the pelvic area to relax and the joints to become looser in preparation for the birth process. The same hormone can cause ligaments that support the spine to loosen, leading to instability and pain. Here are a few tips that might relieve you from back pain : Ice or heat packs. Sleep on your left side, and use a support pillow under your knees. If these dosent help, please consult your gynecologist for further treatment. Take care.
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