14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M now 14weeks pregnant.is it da right week to go 4 ultrasound n blood test to the doctor? M planning of going to doctor bi next week.so pls help....what wud b da normal weight of baby at 14 weeks ?

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Answer: Hi dear.Didn't you have your first antenatal visit before? If not you can go possibly this week to ensure all is fine. Good luck with your pregnancy
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    Janet Kon965 days ago

    I wen on 29 jan to da doc. C gv me medicine n told me to do my next checkup bi first of march.i jus did my preg test n tok one month medicine n cam bk. Nw my medicine s over ystrdy.so m planning to do my first ultrasound n blood test bi next week.pls help

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Question: M 16weeks pregnant...is it good for me tat i eat lots of food, tea,etc....what wud b my baby weight at ts week.?...pla help
Answer: hi dear too much of anything is good for nothing so don't eat anything too much take a limited amount you cannot take at least auto cup of tea everyday morning and evening eat Owaisi breakfast you can take multivitamin healthmax or any other dishes you like and for lunch you can take a limited amount of rice and large amount of vegetables and heard around 11 o'clock in around 5:00 o'clock you can take any snacks alike boiled chickpea peanut, sprouts , lentils like that a dinner make sure it will be easy for you to digest and to have a good sleep add more nuts dates in your diet this will increase weight of the baby and also yours
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Question: What is da exact month to go 4 ultrasound? N can v able to know da gender in ultrasound? M in the 3rd month of my pregnancy. ...pls help
Answer: Hello darling, congratulations on your pregnancy. Your first ultrasound will typically be done between 18 and 20 weeks, but you may have one before 12 weeks to confirm your due date. An abdominal ultrasound poses no risk to you or your baby. And about gender I can understand your curiosity but gender check is illegal in India and it doesn't matter if it's girl or boy us being mom our love remains same. Wait for the big day. Hope you will have health baby. 😇
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Question: Tody i wen to da loo n little blood came while m at da toilet...m so worried s it normal?......or something wen wrong wit my health pls help
Answer: hi dear the little blood that came while you went to the toilet could be because of constipation when you have constipation you will have to apply a you apply force and the strain causes applied to come this is very normal soak raisins overnight in the morning strain and drink juice will help to reduce constipation drink plenty of water and have fruits also. this will cure the blood problem
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