38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M having white discharge from yesterday night. Is it normal or i need to see doctor?

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Answer: It's normal dear and it means that your body is getting ready for labor. When the cervix effaced, we get this white mucous discharge which is absolutely normal. If you get blood stains along with it or when your water breaks,pls reach your gyn immediately
Answer: Hi.. It is normal to have white discharge towards the end of pregnancy and there is no need to worry. If the discharge is pink or red or even brown and jelly like, it may be your mucus plug coming off. In that case, u should consult ur doctor.
Answer: If it's smelly n sticky then go to doctor otherwise it's normal
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Question: I am having some white vaginal discharge from last 1week or so.Is it normal or should I see a doctor?
Answer: White discharge during pregnancy is common.. you should consult doctor if the discharge is brown, red, pink, yellow or green.
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Question: Hello doctor from yesterday night m having aa white jelly like discharge wt does it mean..?
Answer: It is mucus plug. It means now is the time of delivery. Baby will be out soon.
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Question: Having less movements since yesterday.... do i need to see my gynaec?? Or it is normal??
Answer: Less movements in last month of pregnancy is normal don't worry about it
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